Objective General Knowledge (Paperback)

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The thoroughly revised and updated 2nd edition of the book Objective General Knowledge & Current Affairs level 2 has been prepared for students preparing for the different competitive exams. General Knowledge is a very integral part of a lot of entrance exams being conducted at the graduate and under-graduate level. The book has been divided into 8 sections containing Multiple Choice Questions for Revision purpose followed by Exam-Oriented Statement based MCQs for final practice. The statement questions have been prepared as per the latest format adopted by UPSC. The book contains 2250+ Statement based Questions.The 8 sections are - History, Polity, Economics, Geography, Science and Technology, Ecology, General Knowledge and Current Affairs.The Unique Selling Proposition of the book is the explanation to almost every question which provides additional info to the students on the subject of the questions and correct reasoning wherever required.Ecology covers MCQs on Climate Change, Bio-diversity and Environmental ecology.Science and Technology covers Basic Sciences, Space Science, Defence & Security systems, Atomic & Nuclear Science, Biotechnology and Computer & IT.General Knowledge has been divided into 7 separate chapters  World Organizations, World Panorama, Indian Panorama, Cultural Panorama, Sports & Games, Miscellaneous (awards, prizes, important days, abbreviations, etc.) and CURRENT AFFAIRS. The special focus has been on Frequently Asked Questions in General Knowledge. A huge collection of Latest Current Affairs questions have been added.The book provides latest information on all the subject areas.

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ISBN 9789384905491
Page Count 608
Publisher Disha Publication
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