The Kite Runner (Paperback)

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The Kite Runner is about the friendship between two young Afghani boys who eventually lose touch as a result of the war and the rising reign of the Taliban. The book gives a different view of Afghanistan and the emotions of the people during the time. Summary of the Book The book is a story of two young Afghan boys, Amir and Hassan. it is set during the time when the Taliban was rising and the Soviet Union was attacking Afghanistan. Amir, the son of a wealthy merchant, loves to fly kites and his servant’s son and trusted friend Hassan is his kite runner. One day, Hassan is brutally assaulted by a young boy Ali who swore to take revenge when Hassan protected him using his slingshot in an attempt to rescue Amir. Amir, however, did not go to help or call for help as he is too scared to intervene. He is guilty about this eventually Hassan is to leave Kabul for good with his father. Years later Amir and his father move to California where he marries Soraya. Fifteen years later he decides to back to Afghanistan. The book reveals the friendship and loyalty that is not lost between all the cruelty that is surrounding the characters. About the Author Khaled Hosseini is an Afghan born novelist and physician. His book The Kite Runner is a best selling book which was number one for over a hundred weeks. After this book he decided to stop practicing medicine and decided to be a full time writer.

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ISBN 9781408850251
Page Count 343
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
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