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This fantastic short story has inspired people across the world to overcome obstacles and achieve their highest potential. The story illustrates how to reach one's goals using the basic principles of passion, ethics, a firmness of purpose and and the wiliness to take responsibility for your word. With these qualities in place, the sky is the limit because there is nothing that can stop you from reaching your goals. You can learn from this simple story how to stay self motivated and be ready to face anything that comes your way. Although the story is short and can be read through in a single sitting, the lessons you learn from it will continue to help you throughout your life. About the Author Peter B Kyne was a novelist and short story writer from the United States. Many of his works were adapted into screenplays. His book The Go-Getter has sold over 5,00,000 copies and at one time became like a bible for salesmen, businessmen and entrepreneurs, inspiring them to achieve more. His other works include Cappy Ricks, Cappy Ricks Retires, Cappy Ricks Comes Back and Kindred of the Dust and Never the Twain Shall Meet which was made into a movie.

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