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Think And Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, is one of the most famous self-help books. It has been a great source of inspiration for people looking for success in any walk of life. Summary of the Book Written in 1937, Think And Grow Rich still remains one of the most popular motivational books. Published during the Great Depression, this book has been a source of inspiration to those who aspire to be successful. The philosophy that Hill describes here is of a timelessness nature and can be applied as a winning formula for various aspects of success. The book has won a great number of awards due to its timelessness and the nature of philosophy it offers for a happy life. About Napoleon Hill Napoleon Hill was an American author, born in 1883 in Southwest Virginia. Considered to be one of the most influential writers of all time, he was one of the earliest authors to dabble in writing about personal success. His books deal with motivation, inspiration, personal development, finance and investments. Hill was hired as an adviser to Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt, two former presidents of the United States of America. He passed away in 1970 in South Carolina. Some of the other titles authored by Hill include The Law of Success, How To Sell Your Way Through Life, You Can Work Your Own Miracles, and Grow Rich!: With Peace of Mind.

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